Lake Charles LA

Chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse

Welcome to Catholic Schoolhouse  – Lake Charles, LA

     We’re glad you’re here to learn a little more about our chapter!  Catholic Schoolhouse (a non-profit institution) is based on the Classical Trivium/Quadrivium stages of learning.  These 3 stages are  Grammar, Dialectic (or Logic) and Rhetoric.  We are not a School, nor are we a co-op.   Catholic Schoolhouse (based on St Thomas Aquinas Classical method of learning) is an Evangelizing Community, focusing on the good, the true, and the beautiful.  Some benefits include a unified family approach to learning, full training program for parents and tutors, planned field trips, fundraisers and tutor reimbursement opportunities to help with costs, and positive, consistent peer relationships for your children.

      We meet once a week for three hours. Our 24 week school year is divided into 6 week quarters, meeting 3 weeks on, one week off (typically) with ample time off for Christmas and Easter. We begin each day with morning prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, and chorus. After this we break into classes of 8-12 children based on age and development. Elementary tutors use the Tour Guide (memory items) to introduce the children to the weekly topics with a variety of fun activities, songs, writing, drawing, Montessori techniques, stories, and games. During this time the children learn to raise their hands, take turns, and address one another respectfully. The topics introduced provide a framework and great springboards for further study at home as well as hooks on which the students hang future learning. Exposure to the classical music at snack time rounds out the morning.  

Our newest Program or Class is Pre-Grammar!  We are very excited to bring this program to our toddlers age 2-4.  We also provide a Nursery (thanks to our wonderful facility host), for those children 8-9 months to 2 yrs (non-nursing infants/tots).

    Upper Level (usually 7th-12th grade) students are given additional opportunities.  CSH does not cover “core” subjects, as one morning a week, 24 times a year would be a disservice to the students. Our focus is on developing Catholic culture and thought, and providing the interaction with peers that is unavailable at home. Middle schoolers briefly review the topics in the Tour Guide as a last review before moving on to high school. Older students study topics related to the Tour Guide in more depth, maintaining family cohesiveness in studies. Additionally, middle and high school students continue to study music and art with Catholic Schoolhouse at a deeper level.  Paramount to our Program is preparing Catholic Citizens for the ‘World’, ready to defend and know their faith.